How HOP Vietnamese built a successful dark kitchen model

Find out how HOP Vietnamese boosted sales by 20% in their existing dark kitchen and found perfect locations for their new openings.

Before Covid, HOP Vietnamese had 5 locations and was looking to expand aggressively, but 2020 naturally slowed down HOP’s ambitious plans. Yet, with a complete digital overhaul of the whole business, an introduction of a meal kit and Geoblink, things have started progressing and the new style of HOP Dark Kitchen has been born.

Paul Hopper, HOP’s founder and Managing Director, says the new dark kitchen business model is aiming to feed households in the evening and weekends as opposed to HOP’s more traditional lunch time office crowd. So, Paul set himself on a mission to find areas that would be a great fit for his new business. With Geoblink, he was able to compare multiple areas at once and find the perfect location for his next opening.

Expansion plans aside, Paul had an existing dark kitchen location in Canary Wharf. However, they didn’t know much about the demographic profile of the people living in the area, so Paul had to deep dive into the demographic make-up of residents in Canary Wharf to be able to make important decisions such as: deciding on the menu offering, targeted advertising, etc. After partnering with Geoblink, Paul was able to do a proper analysis and better understand the area and his customers using demographic profiling and catchment area reports.

What you will learn in this case study…

  • How HOP Vietnamese found perfect locations for their next dark kitchen openings by comparing multiple areas and monitoring competition
  • How they increased sales by 20% in just 3 months in their existing dark kitchen in Canary Wharf
  • How Paul decided to change HOP’s Canary Wharf menu offering and what made it possible to do targeted Facebook advertising

And much more…

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